MidiDroide Custom

This application allows you to create custom designs for their own Controllers Midi / OSC (Wi-Fi).
– Two custom-designed screens (Scene 1/2).
– Fixed a screen design (Demo).
– Design Editor Incorporated.
– Midi / OSC configurable events.
– Support design available when WiFi is connected.
– Fader  progress values can be saved.

“Demo” “Scene_1” Example



     Add Button / Fader and Setting Parameters to create your own custom-designed screen.

–  Save all your Desings.

– Delete  Button / Fader from your desings.

– Drag and Drop: choose the buttons / fader location on the screen.

     – Expand Button:  Keep clicking on Button to resize it (using two-fingers touch scale gesture).

     – Rotate Fader. Touch Fader and rotate (using two-fingers touch scale gesture)

     –  RESTORE DEFAULT: Delete your own design  (Scene 1/2)

          Close Editor

  Wi Fi

– Connect to OSC  (IP+ Port).

– Connect to MidiServer  ( MidiDroide Tutorial).

Protocol MIDI/OSC:


           “Demo” – default Midi Menssage :

Note/CC Channel 1

           “Scene_1/Scene_2” (custom desing):

                   –  Set parameters:

Midi Channel (1 to 16)
Midi Number (1 to 127).

                   –  Not set parameters (default):

Midi Channel =  1
Midi Number =  automatic –

 OSC :

            “Demo” – default OSC Menssage:

  – Implements default “String Address” to MidiBox128  (MIOS32 app).

  – Note Events: /<chn>/note <key-number> <velocity>

  – CC Events: /<chn>/cc <cc-number> <cc-value>

 “Scene_1/Scene_2” (custom desing):

 –  Set parameters:

– String Address =”/osc/midi1/”  (example)
Arguments =  float 0.0 to 1.0 for Fader / int 1 int 0 for Button.

                   –  Not set parameters (default):

– OSC String Address =  idem “Demo” (MidiBox128).
– OSC Arguments  =  idem “Demo” (MidiBox128).

Download Google Play:

  MidiDroide Custom Tablet
         - Requirements: Android 4.0 or later - Tablet 10 ".


One Response to MidiDroide Custom

  1. CarlosAGV says:

    Please make this nice app compatible with 9 or 7 tablets thanks


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